The Quest for a Million Followers

He sure knows how to network..
Nice job 😉

HarsH ReaLiTy

I have people occasionally ask me about gaining more followers for some reason and I feel people are missing the point. The point is I don’t have a million followers yet, but I am pretty sure I know a few people that do. There is Gary of course because Gary tends to beat me at everything. You have Jim who has seen galaxies and anyone that has seen galaxies must have a million friends or they are the most unfriendly person ever. Dammit! Are you that unfriendly Jim? Is that why you don’t have a million followers?

Then you have Danny who I think secretly pole dances virtually on the side. We know what you are doing Danny even when you aren’t blogging due to “work.” Work… right… Of course there is Trudy who lives in New York and that instantly makes you popular. Trudy just pretends to need our social…

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