What should you do as a new leader?


Congratulations, you have just been promoted! How exciting!!

Whether you are promoted within your company (great job, you have been recognised for your work!) or you are entering a new company as a manager, it pays to take special attention to the points below to help you start your new chapter in your workplace.

Be Humble Not Meek
There is a difference being someone who allows their staff to walk all over them just because you want to win the most popular manager award. You end up making all the wrong decisions, not necessarily good for the company nor for the team members in the long run.


Be Tough Not Arrogant
That being said the above, don’t go swagger into the meeting room 10mins late and kept screaming “Because I said so!” Be tough on errant teammates, those who disrespect or disrupt productivity without any justification. You are not hired…

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