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Forthefirstfortydays achild isgivendreamsofpreviouslives.Journeys,winding paths,
a hundredsmalllessons
andthenthepastiserased ~ Michael Ondaatje



Have I had past experiences?
Do they influence today?
Do they create bridges
That link the morrow?

Though the idea of reincarnation
is interesting
Even comforting in some ways
It is also terrifying.

I do not want to return to this life of woe
Where evil stalks the good and innocent
Leaving trails of death and sorrow.

Yes, there is much beauty
and good in this world
Yet suffering prevails.

If all are lessons to take home
What mad and crazy schemer
Devised such a plan called ‘existence’

That we must learn how to love
Yet told and convinced
That we come from a living
Source of Love?

I thought love would be an experience we already…

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