RESET!! *poem by Charles Okpere

…a poem by Charles Okpere

shot taken in Accra, Ghana
shot taken in Accra, Ghana

Sometimes I forget to be happy
Grateful for all the “little things I receive?
Why do difficult times cloud my mind
Leaving it open for things of less value
When eyes should be set above alone
With prayers to the Lord for my soul to keep

I forget all the wonderful moments
One of which a larvae turns into a butterfly
which then flit from flower to flower
I forgot the raindrops swirling designs on window panes
I forget cuddles next to the fire place
On a cold night in the city of Lagos

How did I forget to be happy today?
Stupid me with thoughts far from compulsory appreciations
Apologies I lay for my childishness
Today I will be smiling at all I meet
Giving hugs to a complete stranger

I would now laugh at old jokes
As long as it makes you smile too
I choose to remember fine moments
If I forget, remind me please
It would be tough but let’s make every moment spent here
That one my unborn child would long to relive
It could be hard but I swear it would be worthwhile


© 2015 CelonaCharles


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