I just had to share this!
Great poem


True love is usually the most inconvenient kindKiera Cass


Empathy I heard, is the ability to recognize and feel other peoples emotions, carrying a deep sense of care, care that’s way beyond the normal.

I am writing this from a place, where little acts of loving and care has refused to reach. A place where me and my thoughts, are tempted to always question creators world and it’s fairness. #JustSaying!

I would have chosen to act like my chances to living a life of love and care has being tampered with, but hey, who would be loosing still? Me I guess.. So I search still, for a palace that is cleaner than greed, selfishness, jealousy and hate.

Even though Sympathy is feeling compassion and not pity for other people. Often times to be a “non smug” means that you are absorbing much of the pain and suffering in…

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