So You And I My Dearest Friend Must Stand Together Till The End


I sometimes lie awake at night
And wonder at the stars so bright
I dream about my future too
And the things that I will do

I said I’d try and blog daily again, what a fucking lie,

I got back to school last week and even though it only lasted 4 days, and even though I had fun, I feel myself slipping back, back to what I used to think,

what the hell is the point?! What’s the point in me studying all weekend for exams and tests, what’s the point in me giving up sleep for homework I was meant to do 4 weeks ago? What’s the point in putting all my effort and hard work into something, when I don’t even have an end goal.

And I broke down last night because it was all too much. I cried for no goddamn reason, and slept for 12…

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